Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers (Nevada Preferred), the only Nevada-based, independent statewide PPO network is the result of a partnership between Catholic Healthcare West and Universal Health Services, Inc., who joined their Nevada medical PPO network businesses August 1, 2009. Nevada Preferred now owns and manages the well-known networks of:

  • Nevada Preferred Professionals (NPP)
  • Saint Mary's Preferred Health Care Network (PHCN)
  • Universal Health Network (UHN)

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Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers

Common Provider Questions ~ Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers


How do I apply to be a provider for a Nevada Preferred network product?
Please visit Join Our Network.

What information can you tell me about a claim?
Nevada Preferred does not pay claims; however, we do re-price claims for many of the third party administrators (TPAs) and insurance companies that utilize our networks.  It is always best to contact the member's insurance company or TPA for status of a claim.

Whom do I call for pre-authorization?
Refer to member's ID card for contact information.  When in doubt, please call the employer's benefits or eligibility contact for additional information.

What services require pre-authorization?
Requirements vary from plan to plan.  Please verify with the member's insurance company or utilization management organization provided on the member's ID card.

How do I contact Nevada Preferred?
Our Customer Call Center may be reached at 775.356.1159 or 800.776.6959, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm, or follow this link to our contact list .

How do I obtain a copy of my contract with Nevada Preferred?
Northern Nevada providers call your request to Provider Relations 775.770.9270

Souther Nevada providers call/fax your request to Barbara Wolf: (P) 702.360.9044, (F) 702.871.4737

How do I obtain my contracted rates for CPT codes? CPT Code Allowable Request Form
Northern Nevada providers call your request to Provider Relations 775.770.9270

Southern Nevada providers call/fax your request to Barbara Wolf: (P) 702.360.9044. (F) 702.871.4737 

How do I obtain a provider directory?
Click on Find a Provider to view/print the current provider listing.

I am leaving a provider group.  How do I maintain my participating status with Nevada Preferred?
Please notify Nevada Preferred as soon as you make the decision to leave the group.  If you are joining another group or opening a solo practice, please provide Nevada Preferred with adequate notice to avoid a gap in participating status.  All notices need to be submitted to Nevada Preferred on company letterhead via fax to 775.352.2475 or through Join Our Network.

How do I obtain a Provider Administrative Manual?
Log on to the Self-Service Center or fax your request on company letterhead to 775.352.2475.

Whom should I contact for payment of medical claims?
Nevada Preferred does not pay claims.  Please refer to the member's insurance ID card for the name and address of the insurance company or TPA assigned to pay claims for the member.  Any claims submitted to Nevada Preferred are returned to the provider.